FREE 5 day Weave Masterclass

With Katrina @Bonitribe


"Many people have asked me why on earth I'm I offering a FREE Weave masterclass?

Is it really free!? YES it it!!

So here is a thing, when I first trained in hair extensions almost 10 years ago, I had no follow up support. I didn't have anyone to bounce off ideas from or ask for help. I was on my own. And this is a problem in our industry to this day. Many of us are in our own where we could do so much more together! The other main issue is that every hair extension course I have come aslcross to is only 1-2 days long at the most. It many focuses on how to fit the hair. I've been on courses before where they literally show you how to fit one row of weft and you are good to go. But that's just not enough. There is so much more to the hair extensions than just plain blank fittings. How do you create beautiful hair that looks just like your natural hair? How do you retain your clients? Did you know I have a 95% returning customer base! That's incredible! But how do You do it? Why are others struggling to get the clients?

My answer to you is attention to detail. And by detail I mean everything: From the moment the client messages you to book an appointment to the fitting, follow up and the refitting.

It's about a clients journey with you.. What do you do if the issue arise? Do You just burry your head in the sand or do deal with it like a pro? But how do you do it? Nobody tells you any of this on these short one day courses, but it is crucial for your success.

So I am here to share my knowledge with you in the next 5 days and Yes, it is free. I believe in a new way of being where I rise, you rise, we rise! I have so much to give that I am literally bursting out of seams from excitement! Join me to my Free weave masterclass from

23-27th November


 Katrina @Bonitribe


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